Journal of Business & Economic Policy

ISSN 2375-0766 (Print), 2375-0774 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/jbep

Managerial Competencies and Venture Survival: The Case of Women Entrepreneurs Owner – Managers of Micro-Small Enterprises (MSEs) in Khartoum State – Sudan
Widad Ali A/Rahman

The objective of this study is to investigate the management competencies of female entrepreneurs, owner – managers of micro-small enterprises (MSEs) within urban settings in Khartoum State, Sudan. It addresses a knowledge gap in the literature regarding competencies of female entrepreneurs in Sudan. It is an exploratory study that follows an interpretive approach and applies Grounded Theory techniques. Five core competency areas are brought to focus based on previous competency models. The study findings elicit that competency levels possessed by owner – managers of (MSEs) vary according to the competency area, line of activity, type of venture and the attributes of the entrepreneur herself. Female entrepreneurs tend to adhere to a relational management style and a pragmatic approach, with high capacity to innovatively adjust to complex operational conditions, supported by their personal networks. Enhancing some competency areas through education and skill development programs is recommended to further ensure venture survival and success.

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